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This item is handmade and made to order.

Valentina is edged by three bands. One a silk magnolia ribbon, a corded trim and a line of stitching. This creates structure and depth without being bulky. This is a two-tiered veil with a 26 inch blusher (the part that is traditionally worn over your face) and is 100 inches from comb to hem.

The veil is handcrafted with light ivory tulle and hand sewn to a 3.5inch metal comb. The metal comb is hand wrapped in tulle to match your veil. The comb is slightly curved to sit flat against your head. As the comb is metal, there is some bend, allowing you to flatten the comb if needs be. 

Also available in a single tiered version (with no blusher) at 98 inches long.

Please note this veil is made in Italy, allow 6 weeks for delivery.

We also offer a bespoke service allowing brides to create a unique veil that is the perfect finishing touch. Bespoke lengths also available.

Please call us on 0131 556 1520 or email  to discuss.

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