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Sassi Holford

Working from a desire to enhance the female shape, Sassi’s dresses are famed for their superior cut, phenomenal lines and how truly personal they are to the bride. Sassi Holford shows a romance, elegance and feminine beauty that go hand in hand through her entire collection, whether it’s seen through a structured lace fishtail designed to embrace the feminine curves or a full, high waisted skirt in layers of tulle perfect for gliding round the dance floor.

Prices from £3000 to around £5000

Why We Love Sassi -

A true British icon in bridal design, our brides have wholeheartedly joined us in embracing everything about Sassi and the collections she offers. Her total mastery of couture cut and construction affords her the perfect base to lightly play with modern textures and unique fabrics without compromising chic elegance and couture sophistication, and we love her all the more for it.