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Collection: Danielle Frankel

Shop Danielle Frankel for the very first time outside of London at Rachel Scott Couture! We are very pleased to announce that we are Scotland's new and exclusive stockist! 

Rachel, as a self-confessed fabric geek had long admired the exquisite fabrics and textiles used by the esteemed designer, Danielle Frankel. The brand develops unique and unusual blends that allow them to create the most fascinating textures unlike any other. Delicately hand crinkled silk wool, neatly pleated jerseys and much more are used to construct the sculptural, clean and yet intricate pieces they’re now known for.

Once coined as the designer for the ‘anti-bride’ who still wants to indulge in her fashion fantasy, Danielle Frankel puts a modern spin on the bridal aesthetic whilst honouring traditional artisanal techniques to create forward thinking pieces that are the epitome of “cool girl” aesthetic.

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Retailing re-imagined. Luxury re-defined.

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