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Collection: Temperley London

Quintessentially British, deeply romantic, ethereal and decadent wedding dresses exquisitely executed from the finest tulles, silks and laces and adorned with intricate embroidery crafted and applied by hand. Temperley London expertly showcases timeless silhouettes inspired by the romance and decadence of a bygone era, with old Hollywood glamour or a chic sophisticated take on floral romanticism.

Prices from £3000 to around £6000

Why We Love Alice -

There’s a story to be told through each piece in Alice’s collection, each design an individual art work in itself. What I find truly unique about Alice’s work though, is no matter how much colour, detailing, overlays or texture she adds to each design, the main focal point will always remain the bride wearing it. Designs to be worn and enjoyed in such a way that you’re adding a whole new level of your own bespoke story into every stitch. How will your story begin?

Sassi Holford

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Retailing re-imagined. Luxury re-defined.

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