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Collection: Vivienne Westwood

You asked us to bring something new to Scotland, and my goodness we only went and did it to a whole new worldwide couture level...

Exclusively at Rachel Scott Couture - Vivienne Westwood Bridal has officially arrived in Scotland!

At Rachel Scott Couture, we've always been the go-to place for cutting-edge design and made-to-order quality of this level, so adding Vivienne Westwood Bridal is a fantastic next step for us. I’ve been a huge fan of Vivienne Westwood for longer than I care to mention! Her ability to root her designs in history and nostalgia, yet move forward, test boundaries, and create something ultra-modern is unparalleled. Through her bridal collection, she enables brides to be daring and outrageous, whilst also embracing their traditional wedding day dream. It is a such a unique and beautiful balance - and we can't wait to share some Vivienne Westwood bridal couture indulgence with you!'

Prices start from around £4000 to around £12000

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Retailing re-imagined. Luxury re-defined.

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