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Miller Harris

Rose Silence 100ml

Rose Silence 100ml

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Miller Harris Eau de Parfum - Rose Silence

A mainly Rose perfume that is layered with blackcurrant and mandarin. As the initial fruity smell lifts and the perfume lingers on your skin, the rose scent continues to settle as a cashmere musk subtly grows, mellowing out the rose. It is a charming, modern rose perfume is perfect for a variety of ages and genders. 


The Story

As a couture fragrance house, used to pushing the boundaries of classic perfumery, we felt that as an English house, a rose fragrance was an important step to take as the ‘queen of florals’. It took the house 15 years until 2015 to release a rose, and when it did, we wanted to take a modern approach and Mathieu Nardin was given the task. Mathieu has said “My idea for Rose Silence was to create a very different kind of rose scent for the market. A modern rose scent that was sort of artisinal but definitely wearable”. What he produced became for years the best seller with global appeal and fans of all ages.


The Technical Bit

Head Notes: mandarin, blackcurrant

Heart Notes: turkish rose absolute

Lasting Impressions: patchouli, cashmere musk

All Miller Harris products are suitable for vegan, free from phthalates, artificial colorants, parabens and formaldehydes. We use high levels of natural raw materials.

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