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Miller Harris

Miller Harris Candles

Miller Harris Candles

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Miller Harris Candles

Rose - Fresh and soft pink and white roses are mixed with a gentle fruity accent from mandarin and blackcurrant. This is a very modern, delicate rose fragrance and not the soapy rose smell that may immediately come to mind! 

Tea - Refreshing and calming, our tea candle is a mix of black tea leaves with uplifting bergamont. This relaxing scent has green tea and earl grey, fused with nutmeg to bring you an earthy, smoky note perfect for a bit of tranquillity! 

Tabac - Warm, rich and spicy, the tobacco scent mixed with the cooling pine needles and sage gives you a wonderful smoky green citrus fragrance. It is the perfect comforting candle to fill your room with.


The Technical Bit

Natural wax - a perfect blend of soy and rapeseed, developed to be sustainable yet, create the perfect burn and scent.


50 hours' burn time 

Made in the UK

FSC certified and fully recyclable packaging - no cellophane

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