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Growing Up and Moving On

On the day that my eldest son Max, who’s just turned 17, finishes sixth year at school and gets ready to move on to a new and exciting future, I’ve been reflecting on the last 16 years of Rachel Scott Couture.

Starting up the business while pregnant with my first child, I’ve watched both business and baby grow every year. Now watching my boy move on to further education while Rachel Scott Couture expands and moves to bigger premises, it makes me recognise what amazing things we all achieve every day, overcoming all sorts of obstacles and growing as businesses, as individuals and as families.

Most crucially though, it’s made me all the more excited about the future! Look at all the amazing opportunities we can take advantage of going forward!

For my son, for my business and for my past, present and future brides - there are definitely exciting times ahead!

I’m super proud of us all.

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