Endless Options For Appointment Times at Rachel Scott Couture…
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Endless Options For Appointment Times at Rachel Scott Couture…

Appointment Types and Appointment Times - We are here for you 24/7!

We’ve always provided total flexibility with our appointments, not only in the wide range of consultation structures on offer but also in terms of the hours and days we offer them. Find out more below…

Full Range of Appointment Styles

Each of our clients is unique and will approach wedding dress shopping in a very different way - you may be super excited, you may be terrified, you may have done lots of research, you may have done none at all, you may know what we do at Rachel Scott Couture, you may not…

Whatever your shopping style, whatever stage of the process you’re at and whatever level of excitement (or fear!) you’re feeling, we’ve got an flexible appointment format to suit.

From virtual consultations and quick ‘pop in for a browse and a chit chat’ preliminary appointments to ‘fully indulgent definitely want to try on’ private consultations, we’ve designed a range of consultation types to suit your individuality, in fact we positively embrace that individuality!

You can find out more about the bridal process, or if you need something even more tailored then let us know - we love being creative in adapting our systems to get the perfect solution for you!


Full Range of Appointment Times

We understand the time pressures our clients are so often under - perhaps living or working quite some distance away from Edinburgh, leading busy full lives, working hard with potentially long, unpredictable and very much ‘non-standard’ working hours.

So to make sure we continue our ethos of always, and very genuinely, centring our customer experience around your specific needs, we don’t limit ourselves to ‘standard’ hours either!

We are here for you 24/7. Appointments are available any time of day or night and any day of the week - and when we say that, we honestly mean it!

Rather than having set business hours and setting specific appointment slots on set days for you to work your diary around, we will instead manage our diary around you. It’s one of the reasons we’ve chosen not to have an online booking system, we want to provide more flexibility for our clients than these systems allow. Instead, we’ll talk to you directly to find out what times and days are most convenient for you then schedule in your appointment to suit perfectly.

If you to need to meet us on a Sunday morning at 6am because that’s the most convenient time for you then we will do it (and we have done!) Or if you’ve been working abroad during the week and are arriving home on Friday night at 8pm but you’d really like to see us that evening before you head in to your busy weekend plans, then consider it done!

So, if you want to indulge in a bit of the Rachel Scott experience then get in touch and we’ll arrange a tailored appointment at a time that suits you.

Go on, test our appointment flexibility – whether you just want to look and a chat or try on as many dresses are you can manage, whether it’s 6am on a Monday morning or 10pm on a Saturday night – whatever you’re up for, we’re up for it too!

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We reply to all enquiries within a maximum of 24 hours (normally much faster!) so if you haven't received a response from us within that time frame, it's best to assume your message hasn't reached us so please get back in touch!

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