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The Rachel Scott Couture Story

Once Upon a Time, a girl called Rachel had an idea… to grow the most magnificent bridal wear tree in the world!

With a sound knowledge of fabrics, textiles and all things clothing, she would use her skills, her love and her absolutely un-ending passion to make this her life’s work. Her love for fine fabrics, her love for exceptional workmanship but above all her limitless enthusiasm and boundless creativity would make her bridal wear tree unmistakably unique.

So, early in 2004, she took the finest vintage seed pearl brooch she could find, wrapped it in the most delicate Chantilly lace and planted it in a golden pot lined with a bed of silk.

She tended to her seed with love and care, day and night. She showered it with unique designer collections, fed it with bespoke accessories and let inspirational styling tips shine on it, whilst constantly sheltering it from the howling winds of bad fabric and poor design.

And from her tiny seed, a tree grew.... and grew.... AND GREW... INTO A MULTI AWARD WINNING TREE!

It was a most magnificent bridal wear tree....... with the finest blooms of couture design and the most sensational leaves of luxurious fabrics flowing from every exquisitely corseted branch.

Until one day the girl found that the tree had grown so much, it was too big for its tiny pot and the girl needed to find her precious tree a new home.

After much searching she found the perfect spot on Dundas Street, where she knew her bridal wear tree could flourish.

And now, nestled among her tree of chic sophistication and couture elegance, the girl loves nothing more than showing brides a whole new world of individuality and personality.

Full of inspiration and excitement, the girl smiled.... and the brides who came to see the bridal wear tree smiled too.