Wedding Dress Shopping
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Wedding Dress Shopping

Wedding Dress Shopping - Three Top Tips From Rachel 

1. Don’t feel under pressure and don’t be pressurised by anyone to make decisions more quickly than you feel comfortable with. It’s important to make the right dress decision for you personally and you can only truly do that if you’re feeling relaxed. (Our designers can turn dresses around in a matter of days if needed so take as much time as you need!)

2. Don’t be afraid to get things wrong. It’s a whole new journey that you go on when you’re picking your wedding dress so feel free to experiment and play with ideas, shapes, fabrics and colours. You can learn just as much (if not more) from something that’s not quite right as you can from something that is right!

3. Don’t compromise and never settle! We have plenty of occasions in our lives where we need to be happy with ‘fine’, ‘nice’ or ‘ok’. What you choose to wear on your wedding day has to be a level way above that! Aim for something that makes you feel truly confident and totally at ease. It’s an emotional gut instinct reaction that tells you it just feels right. No one else can tell you what your particular ‘right’ is but as the bride, you’ll know when you find it. And don’t stop looking until you do!

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