Sustainability, planning for the future and Rolling In Roses!
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Sustainability, planning for the future and Rolling In Roses!

We were asked to give a little insight into the next sustainable, eco-friendly, future proofing steps we're taking at Rachel Scott Couture, for this TV interview.

The highest level design and workmanship has always been pivotal to what we offer, we firmly believe that being truly couture is all about detail and considering those details through the entire process from start to finish.

It's not just about the finished product (glorious though that product is!), it's about the whole story - the design, the development, the expert construction and the knowledge that every aspect has been considered. This includes where and how our dresses are made, as well as with what and by who they are made.

We've always offered quality and choice to our clients, with world leading UK brands who give flexibility in design, timescales and individuality. Now we're adding a whole extra level of choice with the Rolling In Roses collection launching August 2020, with a focus on eco-friendly fabrics (including vegan options!), ethical silk production methods and sustainability throughout.

Take a sneak peak at the latest collection here or arrange an appointment at our launch preview event - 13th August to 16th August!

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