Styled Photoshoot - Photographed by and for Rachel Scott Couture with dresses by Vivienne Westwood.
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Styled Photoshoot - Photographed by and for Rachel Scott Couture with dresses by Vivienne Westwood.

Rachel Scott Couture Photoshoot To Celebrate Our Latest Couture Collection.

To celebrate the incredible news that we are privileged to be bringing Vivienne Westwood bridal to Scotland, we created this latest Rachel Scott photoshoot with the aim of showcasing our own fashion forward, quirky styling while embracing all we love about the Vivienne Westwood brand.

Fun, quirky and gloriously decadent - the images are here!!

Vivienne Westwood wedding dress with beaded masquerade mask

With huge thank you to the whole team for helping me bring my photoshoot vision to life. Indulging with me with all my abstract creative thinking ideas and creating non stop giggles along the way - we've really created something special here. What a perfect Rachel Scott way to welcome the new collection to Scotland!

Credits (and a giant thank you to all involved)

Dresses by Vivienne Westwood, photographed by and for Rachel Scott Couture Boutique.

Photography: Blue Sky Photography

Location: The Balmoral Hotel

Hair: Lauren at Charlie Miller Salons

Models: Hannah from Colours Agency. Jake the Dog from Rachel Scott Couture.


Vivienne Westwood wedding dress
Vivienne Westwood couture ballgown wedding dress

So, if you've been lusting after a Vivienne Westwood bridal masterpiece for your wedding day then we've just made it a whole lot easier for you.

For the first time outside of London in mainland UK, you can now enjoy choosing your perfect Vivienne Westwood wedding dress exclusively with us at Rachel Scott Couture.

Oh, the fun you can have on a Balmoral Hotel Luggage trolley...

Vvienne Weswood short wedding dress at The Balmoral Hotel
Vivienne Westwood wedding dress at The Balmoral Hotel

And jumping on the suite sofas! (shh.. don't tell.)

Vivienne Westwood wedding dress at Rachel Scott Couture

At Rachel Scott Couture, we've always been the go-to place for cutting-edge design and made-to-order quality of this level, so adding Vivienne Westwood Bridal is a fantastic next step for us (and our brides!)

Vivienne's ability to root her designs in history and nostalgia, yet move forward, test boundaries, and create something ultra-modern is unparalleled.

Through her bridal collection, Vivienne enables brides to be daring and outrageous, whilst also embracing their traditional wedding day dream. It is a such a unique and beautiful balance - and we can't wait to share some Vivienne Westwood bridal couture indulgence with you!

Vivienne Westwood wedding dress at Rachel Scott Couture

If you'd like to arrange private appointment to view the new collection and be one of the first in the north of the UK to buy your Vivienne Westwood bridal dress then get in touch for more details. Follow the link below - 



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