Skirt Noise
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Skirt Noise

It’s always fascinated me to see people’s reaction to various elements of wedding dress design – the details that are picked up on by some clients and not by others. The features that are adored by some and very much not adored by others, I just love the individuality of it all!

Short or long, with sleeves or without, lace or satin, fitted or full, bows or buttons - these are the features I’m sure you’d guess a bride might be mulling over in her mind. However there’s one feature that perhaps you wouldn’t have guessed and one that, in my experience, is a fairly significant factor for most clients… “How much noise do I want my dress to make?”

Who knew that the number of decibels your dress might produce might be of any significance but seriously, it would appear that the noise a dress creates can make or break a dress for a bride!

Now before you start to giggle, I should point out that none of my dresses have car horns or squeaky toys hidden into the seams of the bodice in order to create an attention seeking ‘toot’ every time you take a step. (Even as a massive lover of all things quirky, I’m SERIOUSLY hoping that’s never a trend for the future…)

Let me attempt to clarify a little…

Consider how you see yourself being on your wedding day, how you might be acting and how your dress might help reflect the personality of you, your wedding and the overall atmosphere of such a personal event in your life.

There are so many elements you can use to create the overall feel that you want for your day and so many elements just within your dress that you can use to enhance this. The look, the texture, the feel and yes, the noise that it makes as you move.

Are you the type of bride who’d aim for a graceful understated elegance? Consider using the silent glide of soft satin or silk crepe as you slip almost unheard through the room (as the bride though, you’ll certainly not go unwatched though may I add.)

Would you adore the idea of an elegant glide with barely a whisper as the fabric of your dress effortlessly slips across the floor? Brides who favour this look (and the lack of noise) comment on the complete sophistication, the effortless flow and how perfect it is for their wedding day.

Or would you adore the gentle rustle of organza against silk dupion and layer upon layer of petticoats? Definitely more of a swirling action needed as you move across a room in this one.

There’s a joy of excitement from brides who love this look and noise, as they scrunch up layers of skirt fabric and swoosh and sway around the room. Indulging in the swirling rustle and fully embracing the gentle noise of different fabric textures playing against each other, creating an ultra romantic look and sound so guests absolutely know the bride is on route. It’s all about the romance of it, it’s all about the playfulness and it’s all about wearing a dress that you’d never get to wear any other occasion.

I’m not suggesting that you should over think this before you go shopping but it’s certainly interesting to gauge your thoughts when you do try on. The sound of fabrics as they move against each other does play a part in the whole personality of the dress and certainly with the flexibility of my designers, you can really use this to individualise your dress even more.

So, if you love a dress but aren’t so keen on the rustle the skirt layers make then let’s look at changing it to a satin or crepe and soften it down. OR maybe we could increase the rustle by adding a raw silk layer underneath organza layers and filling it out with petticoats?

Whatever you choose, it’s about making sure it’s right for you – making sure that every aspect is right for you; how it looks, how it moves, how it feels and how it sounds.

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