Eco-friendly, Vegan, Ethically Produced and TOTALLY Gorgeous!
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Eco-friendly, Vegan, Ethically Produced and TOTALLY Gorgeous!

Brand New Collection at Rachel Scott Couture!

Rolling In Roses - Launching August 2020

Preview Appointments Available - 13th to 16th August. Book Your Private Appointment.

The most glorious tops, skirts, dresses, trousers and even sequin jumpsuit options your wedding day look from Rolling In Roses!

(and you'll never believe what they're made from...)

I cannot get enough of truly exceptionally high quality fabric and unique fabric textures. From the smoothest satins, the warmest cottons and the most textured wools to the drape-iest (and I’m officially declaring that a real word) silk chiffons or the structured form of a zibeline. I’m in my wonderful happy place being surrounded by the finest fabrics at Rachel Scott Couture so when I discovered the luxurious options used in every Rolling In Roses style, I was officially hooked and knew they’d fit right in!

But there’s also extra aspect to the fabrics used by Hayley, the founder and designer at Rolling In Roses, and we love them all the more for it… Not only is the quality perfectly suited to a Rachel Scott bride, but everything about Rolling In Roses is geared around sustainability – it’s eco-friendly, it’s ethically produced and it’s vegan!

Cleverly using organic cottons, recycled by-products and vegan silk alternatives allows for minimal use of traditionally produced silk, whilst never compromising on styling, quality construction or artisan tailoring and detailing techniques.

With my own background in textiles and garment production, I’ve always had a keen interest in how and where our dresses are made, who they’re made by and the environmental / social impact of the production. I love that Hayley, the founder and designer of Rolling In Roses, allows brides to choose a wedding dress that fully embraces stylish chic luxury whilst also embracing our environment, reducing the negative impact we have on our world and those around us.

I want my clients to have something styled around their personality and compromise on that is not an option, whether that’s the styling of their wedding look or for the ethics of how it’s produced.

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Imagine the softest, lightest, smoothest fabric you’ve ever had the pleasure of wrapping yourself in, then finding out that sumptuous luxury is actually made from rose petals or orange fibres! (and did I mention that there is even a fabric made entirely from recycled bottles…!?)

Choice, individuality, flexibility and bespoke styling for our clients is crucial to the entire Rachel Scott experience. It’s crucial that every detail perfectly suits your personality and I’m delighted that now, we have added a whole extra level of choice for our clients.

Join us for a bit of Rolling in Roses indulgence at our launch preview event 13th to 16th August – come and see what we’re so vegan excited about!

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