Wedding Dress Silent Auction in Aid of Smart Works Charity

Online Until 26.03.19

In Aid of Smart Works Edinburgh

After the success of our Wedding Dress Auction we’ve decided to extend our auction until the 26th March 2019 to raise as much money as possible for Smart Works Charity. 

The auction will now be ‘silent’ which means you can bid for your favourite dress from the comfort of your own home! We’ve donated around £85,000 worth of couture, ex-display dresses to Smart Works so the remaining dresses will now still be up for grabs with ALL proceeds going directly to the charity. 

So all you need to do is choose your perfect wedding dress then contact us with your highest bid either by telephone on 0131 556 1520 or email at

Remember 100% of the proceeds will go directly to Smart Works.


Here’s what your generous charity donation will do –

Smart Works Edinburgh provide styling advice, high-quality interview clothes and interview training to women looking for work. They help them look amazing and feel confident enough to succeed at their job interview, changing the direction of their lives. Their two-hour core dressing and interview preparation service achieves consistently high levels of success for their clients, and is at the heart of everything they do. During the course of this year, Smart Works have helped 232 deserving women in Scotland, and 70% of the women they have dressed and interview trained got the job.

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Instagram - @smartworksedinburgh


Rachel, Owner at Rachel Scott Couture – “At Rachel Scott Couture, supporting our clients and building their self-confidence has always been at the heart of everything we do. It’s truly amazing to see the transformation of a bride when she’s wearing an outfit that she really feels she could conquer the world in. (or at least the wedding party dance floor!).

Over the last few years, we’ve been working to support the charity Smart Works, who help support woman back into the workplace by providing quality outfits for interviews plus mentoring support to ensure they have the greatest opportunity for success. With both of us working to raise the self-worth and confidence of our clients through clothing and emotional support, Smart Works just felt like such a natural fit for us!

I am truly amazed by the work that the volunteers at Smart Works do and how such an apparently simple and small change can make such an overwhelmingly positive difference to the lives of these woman.

I’m so proud to be hosting our auction event and looking forward to working with some lucky brides in order to raise much needed funds to support the continued work of Smart Works.”



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